Tim Nielsen

Hatha jogas pasniedzējs
nodarbības notiek angļu valodā

About Me

I grew up in Japan where I was exposed to oriental philosophy from the early age.  It was there where I began studying yoga 14 years ago under my first teacher, Ken Harakuma. I remember walking out of my first class feeling completely liberated and at peace with myself.  All my senses were clear and I felt calm and alive. I knew from that day that this was a tool that would bring me back to that to a blissful state on a regular basis.

I have travelled extensively in India and around the world studying different styles of yoga, martial arts, Reiki and Thai massage, which to  me are simply different expressions of yoga.  After studying Astanga Vinyasa for some years I was introduced to Hatha yoga through the Sivananda Vedanta Ashrams where I completed both of my teachers and advanced teachers’ training.

My class is for everybody. The sequences can be adapted to suit the needs of my students. I teach intuitively according to the ayurvedic principles of different body constitutions. I follow the energy of the day – then adapt my class to needs of the students on that particular day, always providing rewarding workout and a deeply restorative relaxation.
I encourage my students to practice with effort and ease and leave space for energy observation.
It is not necessary to be flexible before you step on the mat. Depth in yoga is not measured by how flexible your body is, it is rather the integration of the mind, body, breath and spirit while in  the pose.
The wisdom of the hatha yoga can be applied to daily life and  allows you to embrace your own reality and enjoy the simple things in life. Come down join me and sharpen your English skills as well.